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About Us

We are a company with many years of experience in the electrical and power engineering industries.

The condition for a thriving company is professional management and the ability to respond to dynamically changing market needs.
This is possible thanks to good organization, coordination and modern management methods by the company owner.PPHU EDAMET providing its services mainly in the field of electricity and machining of all types of steel and plastic materials. It uses a modern CNC machine park for this. Our many years of experience allows us to accurately recognize the needs of our customers and matching a given service to a specific order while ensuring the highest quality of services rendered.

Electrical power engineering is a service that we have been working on since the beginning of our company. We carry out almost all works related to electrical installations, industrial automation and low-voltage in the field of IT.Our clients are mainly production plants and development companies.


We expanded the scope of our activity to include machining department of all kinds of steel and plastic materials from 2016.

Machining is mainly used for the production of machine parts and equipment used in the glass, food, mining, oil and metallurgy industries. We also make additional prototype elements for use in the aviation and medical industries.

Our qualified staff is a well-coordinated team which, in combination with the modern machinery park of the renowned MAZAK company, is able to satisfy every customer. The combination of passion, vast knowledge and continuous improvement of our qualifications guarantees us stable and high quality of our services.

We invite cooperation clients who care about very high quality and timeliness of services. We focus on the professionalism of our work and offer competitive prices.

Execution of
electrical installations